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Subj: Shooting results Remington 750 Free Float Forearm.

Hello from NC did finally get a chance to test out the new rigid front forearm for my new Remington 750. The results were amazing. With out the solid forearm it would shoot about in a 1 foot circle, you could cover the groupings with a basket ball. Now with the new forearm is shoots 1 inch or better all day long. It took awhile to get the scope to get even close to hitting the paper. I had to install paper and more paper spacers under the scope to get in to bring the shoots up. I have ordered a Burris set of .020 spacers for the Burris Signature rings and hope this allows me to take the paper shims out. Have you run into this problem before? If so what is your solution?
All and all I am thrilled with the forearm, and I will send pictures of the grouping as soon as I get the new shims from Burris and get them installed and head back to the range.
I totally believe that the gun will shoot ½ to ¾ inch groups all day long. And they said the Remington 750 won't shoot, also never had a jam or any malfunction as of yet.
Will be back in touch with more info


The Most Accuracy Available for the Model 750 & 7400 PERIOD!

Accuracy Package #1 Installed on your Rifle Includes A) Thru H):

Remington 7400 Barrel Stabilizer half Rail Free Float Forearm Larger Bolt Knob Intergal Linear Recoil Compensator Barrel Stabilizer Free Float Half Top Before Rail Installation 5 Five Port Intrigal Muzzle Brake

Harmonic Barrel Stabilizer with Integral Linear Muzzle Brake Package:

A) Balances the harmonics created by the bullet passing through the thinner factory barrel. Stabilizing the bullets flight. B) The integral Linear muzzle brake reduces the felt recoil by about 25% while not adding any extra noise to the shooter or those around Him or Her. The muzzle blast is directed forward. C) The stabilizer body acts as a heat sink removing heat from the barrel and sinking it across the length of the stabilizers surface. D) The stabilizer gives the appearance of the heavier bull barrel and the effect but not the added weight. E) We also re crown the barrels muzzle with an 11 degree target crown when installing the barrel stabilizer and check the barrel for trueness. F) We also add the Free Float Forearm which removes the pressure from the barrel by replacing the ridged factor y hand guard which is bolted to the barrel (which as most of us know is not advantageous to the accuracy of any barrel.) This option alone makes a big difference in the accuracy of these Remington rifles. The free float forearm is made of high grade aluminum and is hard anodized for strength. It includes two swivel studs one for a bi pod the other for your sling. You can have the Half Top Rail for those using larger objective scopes or the Full Top Rail for those wanting more optic options. G) A 3.5lb Trigger job shortens take up, Removes creep, Lightens trigger pull and includes a over travel take up screw. H) This is the Cadillac package and your rifle will shoot unbelievably better!! Our satisfied customers are our proof! Sub-MOA capable. Available in Matte Black or Satin Gray (Shown above).

Package Price You supply the Rifle $769.99 If we supply the rifle $1499.99

Adjustable Spanner Wrench For Barrel Stabilizer & Quiet Brake Removal
Adjustable Spanner Wrench For Barrel Stabilizer & Quiet Brake Removal
You asked for the tool and we now have it.
Order Number - Q Wrench
Buy Now

7400 750 Factory Rifle ASI Free Float Forend
ASI Free Float Forend for the following Factory Barrel models:
7400, 7600 or 750
Your Choice of ½ rail or full rail.

We also offer the Free Float Forend (Patent Pending) for the factory barrel for those of you who do not want a barrel change out but just an accuracy improvement. Bi-Pod & Sling swivel acceptable. Offered in Matte Black or Matte Silver. *Easy to install yourself!

G'day Carl and the Crew at Accuracy,
Full length 7400 / 7600 Full rail arrived today, thanks again I am very happy, hope you guys get some time off these holidays.
Thanks for supplying me with an awesome piece of equipment hope too and look forward to dealing with you guys in the new year.
Have a very merry and safe Christmas all,
Kind regards,
Anthony Reid
Sydney Australia.

PRICE $239.99 Order # FAC FF 7400 Your Choice of ½ rail or full rail.


Remington 7400 remington 750 Accuracy Systems Heavy Barrel

Remington 7400 or 750 Factory Rife With ASI Enhanced Accuracy Package

  1. 30.06 Rem., 22" x .650", Nickel Plated Matte barrel with Muzzle brake.
  2. Black stock with Adjustable comb, ½ or Full Rail Free Float Forearm & Bipod studs.
  3. Guaranteed Sub-1.5MOA @ 100 yards with factory selected ammo 3 shot group!
  4. 3.5 pound two stage trigger.
  5. *Available in most calibers.

ORDER #7400-03 PRICE $1389.99 *Add $200.00 In Nickel finish.

Remington 7400 remington 750 Accuracy Systems Heavy Barrel
Remington 7400 or 750 Factory Rife With ASI Enhanced Accuracy Package

  1. 30.06 Rem., 22" x .650", Matte Black barrel.
  2. Black stock, ½ or Full Rail Free Float Forearm & Bipod studs.
  3. 3.5 pound two stage trigger. Will shoot better than factory accuracy.
  4. *Available in most calibers. Accessories are available.

ORDER #7400-04 PRICE $1029.99


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